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What Feels Simplest?

A great question to begin with, especially when my mind feels cluttered.

I believe simplicity is the doorway to our deepest brilliance. So, in a sense, when we can’t seem to find our grounding, it may just be our body’s way of urging us to exit the fray and do what comes naturally.

Imagine … if it were simple, we’d just go ahead with it, without all the stress and lamenting. We’d feel invited and frankly empowered, because we know we can handle simple. Everyone can, right?

The term 'low-hanging fruit' has been with me lately. And I realize now that I’ve cast a bit of a shadow on the concept, as though it’s somehow a cop-out to reach for the easiest item to grasp.

In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Do I really think that Nature offers up such goodness for cop-outs? Indeed I do not. I believe she wants us to thrive in the most accessible fashion.

How about you? Do you ever feel an endeavor must be difficult in some way in order for you to feel worthy of reward? If you truly believed simple was best, how might you change your approach to life?

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