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There's Room for Comfort

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I’ve recently been called upon to put on a new hat, you might say, in order to bring a venture to its next level.

And I’ve entertained a question along the way around whether it’s wise for me to do so or if someone seasoned in this particular skill set would be better suited for the role. After deep consideration, I’ve realized that, for reasons having to do with my unique position within the endeavor, I am indeed the one who must cultivate my own skills and do the job, So … how do I operate outside of what I’ve previously considered to be my areas of genius and still create success? I find the comfort of being fully myself within the role. That’s how. Yes, I did just say comfort. After all, we’re wired to seek comfort as a survival mechanism—think food, warmth, cover—so I’m simply allowing the premise to flow into the area of work. Can I still stretch? Of course. I must and I shall. However, I know I can only muster the commitment and tenacity this process requires if/when I can bring my natural self to it.

How about you? How does comfort play into your work life, if at all?

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