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Insights from their Empowered Service™ Journeys

“The Empowered Service program motivated me to want to get to know myself better & tap into areas of my life that I've been neglecting.  It basically instilled a strong desire to discover new ways & tools to make my life better.

I felt it helped me connect with what's important to me, and I really noticed the change in myself from when I started and then completed the program.  I felt more positive and motivated at the end of the training. 

I strongly feel this program will help women in the workplace to create more balance in their lives.  Having worked for 40 plus years, I struggled with being able to let go of work responsibilities during my off hours and carried too much of it into my personal life.


This program helps you to keep yourself in the forefront, which I feel is the key to being successful and happier in all parts of life.  I know this program will be deeply beneficial to anyone who takes it.”

~Virginia Preciado, Director of Human Resources (Ret.) for Commercial Design/Build Contractor,

San Francisco CA, USA 


“The lessons were extremely easy to follow, the worksheet instructions are very simple, and I loved the audios & visualizations.  


I liked the opening & closing session together with the other participants, and I feel the self-study is a very individual, personal journey meant to be taken privately.

  As a result of participating in the course, I feel I became more self aware and conscious of my decisions.  I also grasped a deeper understanding of why I make those decisions.”

~ Kayla Wynkoop, Probation Officer, Redwood City CA, USA 

“Was it enjoyable to participate in the course?   Very much so....  I especially liked the switches from lessons to audios and then the interim visualization experiences.  They seemed to intuitively bring you to new places at the right time.  

Knowing that the course assignments were private made me feel comfortable proceeding in an authentic way.   And I feel that the 3 weeks was a manageable time to commit to.  I also feel that it kept a good momentum going.  


Of course an improv session with new people is a bit daunting.  But I have done this a few times in the past, and honestly it was refreshing to not have to be ‘clever’.  Laura really puts herself out there and gets silly right off. 

It was different, to get silly right away … but humbling.  It was an ‘opening up’ experience.”

~ Bonnie Rebolini, Shop Operations Manager for Commercial Design/Build Contractor,

San Francisco CA, USA

Rosa Image.jpeg

“I feel that the way this course is put together, especially with the opening & closing gatherings, that it helps ladies to open up with each other in new & delightful ways.

I feel that all women in the workplace will benefit from this course as it allows us to look at ourselves in a more positive way, and not be afraid to be different from other people.”  

~ Rosa Bacon, Independent Business Owner/Operator,

Southport, England


“It was really wonderful to reconnect with myself and rediscover that I actually still have desires!  And that those desires are driven by specific emotions that I am attracted to.  I am ready to start bringing my desires up to the surface again and really embracing them.  

I was reminded that our purpose on this planet is to live from a place of joy.  To find the silver linings and the blue skies no matter what is going on in my life.  I really needed this reminder!  

I learned that with the right questions, I know how to visualize very clearly.  That was a surprise to me.  I have often struggled with visualizations. 


Shanti Photo.jpeg

This process was broken down in a way that was easy to understand and follow.  I really enjoyed the exercises and the guided visualizations.  I learned that what I thought was the main reason for my selected Statement of Desire was really much deeper and more specific than I had originally thought. 

I am so grateful to have been brought through this process with all the other wonderful ladies.  I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned about my current Statement of Desire and bringing it to fruition.  And also revisiting this program when I am ready to move onto a new Statement of Desire. “


~ Shanti Devii, Accounting Manager, Sebastopol CA, USA

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