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We've been there too ... 

Giving at the expense of our own wellbeing  has kept us from rising in impact as women for generations, because the messaging we’ve received around how to be of service in the world has been woven with threads of self-sacrifice.​  


And we’ve felt the fallout in all areas of our lives.​​

In navigating these waters on our own journeys, we've garnered tools that have allowed us to become the self-honoring leaders we’re meant to be and to unleash the power of sharing from the overflow. 

Because, as it turns out, filling our own cups first is the key to generating our deepest impact in the world, as well as our greatest success in leadership in every arena— family, career and community.


We now support ourselves and women around the world in honoring our own needs & desires as the means for reaching our highest individual and collective potential, as it is from this space that we're of deepest service to all.

Nancy Chair Image.jpg

Nancy Ann Chiappe

Director of Course Creation

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Laura Image.jpeg

Laura Wachtel

Director of Improv

Carolyn Forster

Director of Media & Communications

WE TRUST in each other’s unwavering integrity, as well as purity of heart, and we know from experience that when we unite in purposeful action beautiful things unfold.  

WE SHARE a sense of deep compassion for humanity and a desire to do our respective parts in helping women to live wonderfully satisfying lives in which they feel fully themselves, as well as seen and appreciated for their unique gifts.

WE COMBINE our collective gifts of coaching, improvisation and authentic communication to offer an immersive journey which elevates the experience of life for our sisters around the world.

It’s our honor and privilege to be of service to you in this way!

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