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Humility: The Ultimate in Strength & Courage

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Humility has always felt like home to me. Which doesn’t mean I’ve demonstrated it consistently— especially not at times when I’ve felt insecure about my own worth and compelled to prove myself in some way.

In general, however, it comes quite naturally. At times it takes people by surprise and/or elicits a response of caretaking or consolation. So the exercise of humility definitely comes with the potential of being seen inaccurately.

So why do I keep it up?

Well, because it sows seeds of goodness that are pivotal in changing the world for the better. It also hones my own sense of internal strength and courage. Here’s how:

Humility requires unwavering FAITH that we will be seen—by just the right people at just the right time—for who we truly are.

It requires a WILLINGNESS to be soft in what can feel like a very hard & dangerous world.

It requires conscious LEADERSHIP to model a new paradigm in which we allow others to see and know all sides of ourselves, so they can relate with us … and with one another.

True humility knows exactly what it wields—the power to connect with our compassion for ourselves and others. Yet, it cannot be faked and there are no shortcuts. We just have to give it a go and allow the chips to fall where they may.

How about you? What power do YOU perceive in humility?

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