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Teetering on the Edge of Growth

There’s something new and different beckoning to you, and you know in your heart it’s the direction to travel in order to actualize your dreams. So you answer with a full-body “Yes!”

And now you feel disarmed and unsure of quite how to “be” in this new place—a bit shaky and insecure.

You see, in order to chart new territory in our lives, we must be willing to release from patterns that, while familiar, have not necessarily taken us where we truly want to go. And we can feel wobbly for a time as we allow the new path to reveal itself more fully so that we can feel our feet solidly on the ground.

I would suggest that this, my friend, is sacred space, the womb of innovation and new creation, and that it’s safe to trust in Life … and yourself.

How about you? Are you willing to feel wobbly for a while if it means you’ll step closer to living the life you truly desire?

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