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Sustain & Flex

Another beautiful masculine/feminine dance—the creation of habits in our lives that are BOTH sustainable AND flexible.

On the one hand we must find ways of living that we can depend upon in order to nourish us—that we can commit to with relative ease so that we’re walking a steady path in our day to day, rather than scaling a grade.

And on the other we’re meant to honor the changing seasons of Life and Earth, which requires periodic reassessment of our patterns, a listening in to our Bodies, and a willingness to make shifts accordingly.

Interesting how the latter feels somehow more challenging for me, when all it really requires is a surrender to the inherent ebb and flow of living. I can follow the beckoning, knowing I am safe. I don’t always have to take the lead.

How about you? Are you willing to go ahead and make plans, knowing that they will invariably change? How might your life feel different if you could release into this acceptance?

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