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Soft is Strong

Sometimes I have to retreat. My body, in her deep strength, is also delicate and requires the freedom to respond to the unique energy of a given day.

This means that I must structure my life in a way so that I can be unstructured when I need to be, for the sake of my own health and wellness.

I’ve learned that when I feel the pressure of having to show up and be a particular way most days of my life, I must escape. And, if I do not succeed in escaping, then my body will step in and demand that I do.

In the past I’ve had to retreat for extended periods of very painful time because I did not truly believe it was OK to be the person I am. So I kept going, showing up, committing in ways that I could not sustain … until I broke.

The prospect of creating a sustainable life that suites your specific needs may not seem feasible in this modern-day life. I’m here to encourage you to believe it is … and that this is one of the learnings we’re here to receive in this lifetime. Because everyone benefits most when we show up as who we truly are.

How about you? How might your life look different if you submitted to the needs of your Body?

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