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Setting Ourselves Up for the Win

For me, it turns out that the setup IS the win.

What I mean is that I believe the ticket to satisfaction is setting up the process to be satisfying, rather than setting up the outcome to be satisfying. After all, the latter would require a crystal ball of sorts, would it not?

In other words, we don’t know what the future will be like until we’re there. In the meantime, what we can do is have the here and now feel as inviting and inspiring as possible. Otherwise we get caught in “Everything will be great when …”

How about, 'My life feels pretty darned good right now.' Maybe because you’re drinking your favorite coffee first thing in the morning or you’ve found the perfect comfy chair from which to do your work. Maybe you’re spending your productive time doing the things you’re great at and that you really love to do.

Are all our problems solved? Of course not. Do we still need to have aspirations for the future? Well, yes. But in the meantime we can feel we have a pretty cool existence, and there’s peace in that. Peace in turn allows for clarity, which allows for more inspiration and positive outlook on life.

How about you? Are you taking care to have your day-to-day life feel really good to you? If not, is there some simple thing you could shift in order to begin to have this experience?

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