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Moving in Reverse

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Having things in order helps me to focus, and sometimes I can get caught up in the idea of a daily plan, thinking it will somehow be my saving grace.

Don’t get me wrong—I do believe planning is important. In fact I used to resist planning quite voraciously because I felt it squeezed my individualistic nature, but I’ve learned over my life that creatives like me need planning perhaps more than most. So I surrendered, and it’s been overall very helpful.

That said … it needs to also be ok to have the plan move in reverse sometimes due to the unique nature of any given day. It might even seem like the intended plan is being disrupted every day for a time.

I can rest assured that all will not be lost; that Life is simply keeping me nimble while it prepares me for the goodness to come.

How about you? How much of a role does planning play in your day-to-day? Can you imagine how loosening the grip on your schedule might open up new areas of inspiration?

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