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Light on the Periphery

Sometimes there’s someone, or something, that I’ve known at a distance, and it never really occurred to me that it/they might play a larger role in my life.

And then one day I find myself seeing this person or thing as potentially integrated into my day-to-day in some significant way.

I often listen for the strong pings of connection or clues as to who or what I’m being called to focus upon. Frankly, I believe I listen too hard at times, to the point of choking off the true potential that surrounds me.

It’s kind of paradoxical in fact—paying too close attention can constrict flow and vision.

I’m grateful that Life circles back around and enlightens me … and that I’ve grown more able to receive the communication when it comes.

How about you? Is there some way in which you might widen your view to include people or things that seem peripheral?

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