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Faith in the Flow

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

It’s an interesting interplay to be sure. It’s this idea that we must have vision in our lives—aspirations, intentions, things we’d like to actualize—which of course requires structure and planning.

Yet, true success requires fluidity—the willingness to make shifts, not onl

y once, but constantly, even to the point of upending some of our plans. Which can feel discouraging.

So how do these play together nicely so that we can move forward in confidence that we are actually making progress toward our goals, even though the process is not linear?

Well, for me it comes down to faith in the divine interplay of structure and flexibility. I must believe that the integration of both is what leads to the best possible outcome.

So I’m curious, how do YOU foster this faith? Are there practices or perspectives that help you to remain fluid while still feeling confident that you’re on track?

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