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Eating from the Special Plates

I’m listening at the moment to some beautiful Kirtan—chanting music of praise—that was infused into my life daily for a period of years in the not-to-distant past. You see, I played this wonderfully soothing music at a small wellness center for women that I once operated. The very first thing I did when I arrived in the morning was to turn it on.

This music grounded me and instantly made me feel like myself, at one with Life and Earth. It helped me to be the person I wanted to be in order to fully receive the women who walked through the door.

What inspired me to play this music was a desire to have my clients feel safe and held. Then I in turn received the gifts as well.

Yet, it occurs to me in this moment that once the business had ended, so had the music. And I was the one who truly lost out. After all, I received the deepest benefit as I had such consistent exposure to it.

It’s interesting how we bring out our very best china for others, isn’t it. Let’s remember to eat from the beautiful plates ourselves.

How about you? What kinds of generous gifts do you offer to others that you do not give to You?

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