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"Not burned out doesn't mean you're fired up."

So says organizational psychologist and best-selling author Adam Grant in highlighting a pervasive sense of lackluster—languishing he names it—which has become a common challenge for many of us in this current climate of change & uncertainty.

Scores of men in the workplace can relate to this experience at some level.  Therefore, it's essential we take a proactive approach to address what could otherwise become a much more serious problem going forward.

The great news here is that reconnecting with the most fundamental aspects of who we are and what we want to actualize in our lives can bring renewed fire, heightened focus & deeper satisfaction in every arena—family, career & community.  

Even better news?  The process of doing so is very simple.  

Empowered Service 1.0:  Re-igniting the Fire

Our hybrid learning model of self-study+group connection transforms daily life for team members as they begin to experience renewed MOMENTUM, MOTIVATION, DIRECTION & PURPOSE ... all while serving at a deeper level than they previously believed was possible.



The  journey begins with a virtual send-off session that establishes connection & camaraderie amongst the group, in preparation for a more private, individual exploration into what it is each team member would like to focus upon in his own life right now.  

Participants then move on to a 3-week, guided self-study comprised of:

  • 90 minutes of applied learning per week

  • brief audios & electronic worksheets at their fingertips 

  • a template they can use again & again 

  • lifetime access to all online course materials


Upon completion of the self-study, participants reconvene for a closing virtual gathering, where they get to observe the positive shifts that have occurred throughout the course of the program, BOTH for themselves AND for others. 

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